Tech | Chief Architect
Seoul, Korea


The Chief Architect shall be responsible for the technology strategy, managing of Project for Global and Domestic platform development, and successful execution of platform development aligned to the sustainable & growth objectives of the Company.


  1. 1. Distributed Network Experience
  2. 2. Understands the platform development technology required for a fast-growing company and can make a Chief Architect role and Project manager role
  3. 3. Discuss business direction and strategy based on the understanding of platform business based on blockchain and understanding of development technology
  4. 4. Developing intelligence with Domestic/Global Partners & Market to future growth of the Company Technology and platform Project.
  5. 5. Technical Forums in English - Present persuasively in English as a company representative in a technical forum
  6. 6. Other responsibilities as may be discussed & defined to meet organization priorities.
  7. 7. Project manager role – Platform development technology that can realize the technology implementation by collaborating with the Domestic and global partners

****Job Requirements****

Person Specification:

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: B.A in Computer science or other related areas of Technology.

Relevant Experience & Skills Requirements

  1. - Over 10 years in Engineer field. (Blockchain experience preferred but not mandatory)

Special Attributes

  1. - Deep understanding on Distributed network
  2. - SW Architect, platform development and Technical Architect experience
  3. - Strategic Thinking & Problem-solving skills
  4. - Achievement Orientation & Results Focus.
  5. - Communication & Fluent English/Korean (Bilingual Preferred)

Please send your English/Korean resume to