Color Coin is Yours! : Guide to Color Bounty Program

Dear COLOR supporters, Color is launching a bounty program! Promote The Color Platform and get Color Coin(CLR). Actual bounties will be calculated and distributed when the TGE is over. A bounty application form must be filled out for each bounty submission. You may check the current state of your bounty in the tracker sheet, and only applications submitted to the bounty program will count towards bounty rewards.

You need to join the Color Telegram group to track your bounty progress. You can track your bounty progress by searching your Telegram username in the tracker sheet below, which will be updated on a weekly basis. Please note that you must use the SAME email address for your website account and your bounty application.

Tracker Sheet

How to participate


We are giving out 50 COL to the first 3000 members on our website ( ). Only one account may be registered per user/IP address. Once you join the website, you will receive your unique ETH deposit address. Make sure to submit the application form to claim your bounty reward.

  • - Your KYC must be verified (KYC Status: Green).
  • - You must submit KYC bounty registration form.
Application form

2. KYC Verification

With such passionate Color Bounty Program participation from our supporters, Color team decided to launch a New Bounty Program to encourage KYC completion.Get your KYC verified now and apply for the KYC bounty program! Just simply follow the easy instruction ( to submit your KYC and get verified for Color TGE. You will be already eligible to receive 20 COL on top of Color Website Registration Bounty Program.

Application form


Telegram will be the primary communication channel for the Color TGE, so it is crucial you join the Telegram chat( ) to receive new updates. Make sure to (1) remain in the Telegram room until the TGE ends, and (2) leave at least 25 messages, then (3) 50 COL is yours!

Application form


The first 3000 subscribers to the Color newsletter( will earn 50 COL! Color will regularly send out product updates, related articles, or other Color-related information. Again, don’t forget to submit COL Bounty application.

Application form


Color is conducting a major signature campaign on Bitcointalk forum( ). The more posts you make tagging Color’s signature, the more COL you earn! Here’s how:

  • - Choose a signature and an avatar according to your Bitcointalk rank.
  • - Make posts displaying the Color signature and avatar.
  • - If you post about the Color Project, posts should further the discussion of the project, free of overtly negative remarks.
  • - Make sure to keep Color signature and avatar until the TGE period is over.
  • - Refer to the Incentive Structure below.


Members will receive COL in return based on the number of posts they wrote. The incentive will be the multiplication of points per rank and the number of accumulated posts.

Incentive = [Points per rank * Number of posts] COL

Rank Jr.Member Member Full Senior Hero Legend
Basic Point 5 10 15 20 30 50
Application form


Don’t miss out on the chance to win 20,000 COL! Six participants will be rewarded for their originality, reach and depth of the contents. Here are some conditions:

  • - Blog posts on Medium, Wordpress, or your Website must contain a minimum length of 400 words including more than one image.
  • - Youtube/Vimeo video must be longer than three minutes.
  • - Videos and Blog posts should not portray the Color Platform in an overly negative perspective.
  • - All contents must have newly written unique material(i.e., translations do not count).

Don’t forget to submit COL Bounty application with the contents URL. Oh, you can also earn COL simply by joining the contest! Here is the Reward structure for writing and film contents each:

1st Prize 20,000 col x 1
2nd Prize 10,000 col x 2
3rd Prize 5,000 col x 3
Participation 100 col x 50
Application form


Click the "Like" button on the Color Facebook page( ) and earn 30 COL. This too will be giving out to the first 3000 users. The account must be open for the public to all. The Color Facebook page will be used to announce Color-related news, so stay tuned!

Application form


Share Color’s Facebook( ) posts in public and let your friends know about it. The shared posts have to be on your wall until the TGE ends, then 30 COL is yours. Again, the Color Facebook page will be used to announce Color-related updates.

Application form


Follow and retweet Tweets from the Color Twitter account( ) and get 25 COL. Here’s how:

  • - The applicant must follow the Color account during the TGE.
  • - Only applicable to Twitter users with more than 50 followers.
  • - Only one Retweet will be counted per day.
  • - Any contents accompanying the Retweet must be appropriate and positive about Color.

Color will constantly post product updates on Twitter, and the retweets will be rewarded when the TGE is over. 25 COL will be giving out to the 2000 users, first come first served.

Application form


For Color’s Medium blog( ) too, first 2000 followers will earn 25 COL. Color will constantly post product updates and related articles on Medium. Make sure to submit the application to claim your bounty reward.

Application form

***Any abuse will result in account banning/reporting, and all bounty applications will be suspended.***

Go ahead and surprise us with your marvelous ideas and queries! We are more than ready for your suggestions or insights.

Have a Colorful day :)