"Color" is a revolutionary blockchain platform that focuses on developing easy to use dApps based on the worldwide data standard XML.



    The A.I. Personal Assistant is a self-evolving agent design to provide personal secretarial service to each individual user on the Color platform. This agent is derived from our own artificial intelligence engine where it is capable of making recommendations and carrying out specific tasks for each individual user without any human intervention by analyzing past and current data history collected during the course of the ownership of the wallet. This is possible because every single digital data generated on our platform are annotated or “tagged” with machine learnable XML metadata.
    All the health related data from hospitals, pharmacies, and testing labs are converted to W3C XML metadata using AutoXML, AutoView and Converting engines. Especially, all the unstructured data such as images and pictures are converted to XML metadata using Converting engine and it will be combined with all the structured data under viewable XML document.


Color is a decentralized open source platform on the blockchain ecosystem. Our decentralized platform allows the users to easily contribute and participate in creating various services that drives the growth of data on the blockchain network to generate new source of revenue streams in the data economy ecosystem.
Color adapts W3C XML as a data standard. The data standard allows platform community users to build various types of decentralized applications that enable data interoperability and interchangeability among users and other decentralized applications.
Color enables the end-users to make their own Auto Smart contract using AutoXML technology. Color offers a solution for the fragmented blockchain space where data interoperability is hindering the growth of data economy.


Color's approach to writing the white paper is to first review and benchmark decentralized applications from different platforms. After careful review, we select and design few decentralized applications to present as our use cases. Once the design step is done, we use the combination of AutoXML Technology, W3C XML Standards, and Auto Smart Contract on Ethereum protocol to build and test the use cases. The final step is to evaluate, verify, and analyze the outcome from each use cases. Until all these steps are complete, we don’t start with writing the white paper because our goal is to back up our claims with real use cases and verifiable results.

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May 2018
  • Publish White Paper Version 1.0
  • MVP (Minimal Viable Product) dApps on Ethereum built with AutoXML & Auto Smart Contracts
  • Hippodrome Beta Version
June 2018
Color Reward dApp Alpha Test
July 2018
  • Color Coin (ERC20) Distribution
  • Wallet for Color
  • Legal Chain Beta Version
  • Color Music Beta Version
  • Color Audio dPodcast Beta Version
  • Distributed storage integrated in blockchain
  • Abstraction Layer for Pluggable Consensus Implementation
  • Color Media Beta Version
  • Color Decentralized Exchange Platform(dEX) Beta Version
2019 Q1
  • Release of Color Platform Version 1.0
  • Color Decentralized Exchange Platform Version 1.0
  • Color TGE Platform Version 1.0
  • Color Virtual Machine (CVM)
  • Color dApp Development Environment and SDK Version 1.0
  • Tokens transferred into Colorchain
Hardware support and architecture optimization
  • Release of Color Platform Version 2.0
  • Personal Data Vault
  • Personal AI Secretary
  • Self-Evolving Proactive Security System
  • AutoXML Extension for Smart Contract Standardization
Release of Color Platform Version 3.0


  • Chris Howard

    Chris Howard Softeq Develoment Corp. CEO

    Chris Howard is the Founder and CEO of Softeq Development Corporation, a 20-year old leading technical software services company with offices in the US, Europe. With over 30 years of industry experience in the technology and software development space, he is the founder of multiple businesses and an active angel investor in over 50 startups.


  • Arutyun I. Avetisyan

    Arutyun I. Avetisyan Director of ISP RAS

    Arutyun I. Avetisyan received his PhD and Doctor of Science in Computer Science at the ISP RAS. He is the director of the Ivannikov ISP RAS, and a member of the Council of the President of the Russian Federation for Science and Education. His research interests lie in software security and parallel and distributed computing.


  • Vincent Gramoli

    Vincent Gramoli Concurrent Systems Research Group Head

    Vincent Gramoli is the head of the Concurrent Systems Research Group at the University of Sydney and a senior researcher at Data61-CSIRO. Prior to this, he was affiliated with INRIA, University of Connecticut, Cornell University, University of Neuchâtel. Vincent received his PhD from Université de Rennes and his Habilitation from UPMC Sorbonne University.


  • David Thaw

    David Thaw University of Pittsburgh Professor

    David Thaw is an internationally-recognized expert on cybersecurity. He has several years’ experience both working as an attorney and working in IT management and computer programming. Dr.Thaw received both his Ph.D. in information systems and his law degree from UC Berkeley. He currently is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh with appointments in law, computing and information, and public affairs.


  • Takeshi Natsuno

    Takeshi Natsuno Keio University Professor

    Takeshi Natsuno is one of the leading expert on the Internet and mobile multimedia. He was elected as an advisory board member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and he is a board member of various global companies including Oracle Japan, Ubicom Holding Inc. He currently is a professor at the Keio University with appointments in media and governance.

  • Young K Choe

    Young K Choe CTO

    Young is a software professional having broad experiences from development to top management, from theories to practices at various global companies and organizations including NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, North Carolina State University. He has expertise in software engineering, compiler and language technology, and blockchain. He is also experiences in Investment analysis and due diligence for M&A.


  • Jeremy Kwon

    Jeremy Kwon CSO

    He received his B.S degree in Industrial Management at KAIST. He has held CEO position in Korea Enterprise Investment Co., Korea M&A Co., and KTB Entertainment Co.. He has also participated in foundation, investment and management of various internet companies such as Auction, JobKorea, NDoors and MaxMovie.


  • Mikhail Levin

    Mikhail Levin Head of R&D Russia

    Dr. Levin has an outstanding experience in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Programming, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Algorithm Design. Previously, he worked at various global companies including Huawei, MB Software AG and Samsung etc. He is currently working as an vice president of Color R&D center in Moscow.


  • Young Kun Kim

    Young Kun Kim Head of R&D

    He is the founder of 3Ksoftware, and the creator of AutoXML platform engine. He has been in the Information technology industry for over 35 years. He is a designer of blockchain platform and an expert of virtual machine, consensus algorithm, dApps. He possesses technical skills in cloud, IoT, big data, data security, AI based on the machine learnable metadata.


  • Suho Kwon

    Suho Kwon Global Development Lead

    After receiving his master's degree in Computer Science, he worked at the global companies including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin and SK Hynix as a software engineer and a project director for over 20 years. He is specialized in software architecture & quality and software development process. He is currently working as a global develpment lead at Color Platform.


  • Yongwook, Lee

    Yongwook Lee Strategic Planning Lead

    Initially working as an accountant in the US, and later being in charge of movie distribution at CJ, he became a Chief Operating Officer of a Thai local securities firm taken over through M&A . Based on his working experience in variety of different industries and fields, he is now currently working as a strategic planning lead at Color Platform.


  • Sungmin An

    Sungmin An Director of Global Marketing

    He is an entertainment entrepreneur in South Korea and Japan, and founded serveral companies including NWP Inc., JV, Cybrid Korea. He has expertise in contents production, and recently focused on business development and consulting. He is currently working as a director of glodbal marketing at Color Platform.

  • Brandon Knodel

    Brandon Knodel Blockchain Researcher

    Brandon has spent most of his career in IT for large organizations like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and AT&T. Brandon has been a cryptocurrency expert since 2013, and now assists various teams at Color with technical writing, planning, and even blogging.


  • Artyom Vorobyov

    Artyom Vorobyov Technical Architect

    As a technical process architect at Softeq, Artyom Vorobyov has developed several processes applied company-wide including education pipeline for technical experts. Besides establishing development processes, He is deeply interested in technical aspects of software development including core blockchain technology and solution architecture.


  • Vitaliy Korolev

    Vitaliy Korolev QA Engineer

    Vitaliy Korolev is an experienced QA engineer working in the information technology and services industry for over 7 years. He is experienced in building a quality assurance team from scratch and maintaining testing processes. He is a strong engineering professional, graduated from Minsk Radioengineering College.


  • Will Kang

    Will Kang Senior Managing Director

    He has been in the Information Technology industry for over 27 years and has held various positions. In particular, he has worked for Oracle, Deloitte Consulting, and startup companies in Silicon Valley for over 10 years. He is currently responsible for blockchain platform planning and writing the white paper.


  • Park Yong Pil

    Yong Pil Park Managing Director

    He has been working in the Information Technology industry for over 29 years, he is a specialist in AutoXML, blockchain platform of Ethereum and Hyperledger, dApps development, service design consulting and data technology. He possesses technical skills in Security technology : Hash of blockchain, data security, electronic document technology.


  • WooSeok Kang

    WooSeok Kang Blockchain Developer Lead

    After receiving his master's degree in Database, he was responsible for managing and developing public SI projects for many years. He is now working as the developer lead at Color Platform Development team.

  • Jiheon Yi

    Jiheon Yi Developer Lead

    He is responsible for planning and developing web services and database related development. He participated in various works related to studying the online platform as a social tool. He is convinced that the decentralization will be the leading characteristics of the future society and is now searching for models that link these with the technology governance affiliated with blockchain.


  • Kim Shin Mi

    Shin Mi Kim Team Lead

    After graduating college, she joined 3Ksoft, a company specializing in AutoXML. For over 10 years now, she has participted in the AutoXML project, in which she is working for the web standardization through AutoXML.

  • Keum Dae Won

    Dae Won Keum Blockchain Developer

    He is the developer lead of the Color dApp team and is responsible for all of AutoXML base data standardization, automated dApp platform development. His main fields of study are R&D of AutoXML base Meta Data processing and analyzation, Deep Learning base next generation search (engine) development and Deep Learning base chatbot development.


  • Kim Young Oh

    Young Oh Kim Blockchain Developer

    He is an Affiliated Professor of Seongkyunkwan university. He has an expertise in blockchain technology, big data, cloud and data analysis.


  • Hyungwon Chae

    Hyungwon Chae Blockchain Developer

    He received his B.S. in Civil Environmental Engineering from U of I and organized Global Hackathon Seoul 2015. He has vast experiences in development and data analysis from his startup and Udacity online mentoring. He is currently writing the white paper for Color.


  • Shin Min Ha

    Min Ha Shin Blockchain Developer

    She received her degree in Information and Communication Engineering, and she mainly worked on public projects. Recently she was responsible for projects regarding IoT data collection and Dashboard and is currently participating in AutoXML base Meta Data analyzation and visualization, and blockchain dApp develoment.


  • Kunho Lee

    Kunho Lee Blockchain Developer

    He received his degree in computer science at Sungkonghoe University. He is working as a dApp developer in the blockchain development team, and recently participated in blockchain & data technology boot camp as a teaching assistant.


  • Joonkyu Kim

    Joonkyu Kim Blockchain Developer

    He received B.S in Industrial Engineering, and has worked on service planning in the web services division. He is now working as a web service developer in the Delicracy project.


  • Yujin Park

    Yujin Park UX Designer

    She has worked as game designer and product manger in various companies such as NHN, CJ internet, and as Social media & Local based service product designer at SK C&C Metaverse project. She is now working as a UX Designer at Color Platform.


  • Alex Kang

    Alex Kang Director of Global Communications

    Alex Kang has been working in the South Korean IT industry for over 6 years. His past two positions have been: the Team Leader for Pandora TV, Korea’s first UGC company. And most recently as the Sr. Business Development Manager at GOM & Company, specializing in Software development and OTT content services. He brings years of business development and negotiation experience to Color Platform.


  • May Kim

    May Kim Project Manager

    She received her degree in Language. She has experience in planning and managing online chatting and music streaming at Neowiz. After working at a FinTech start-up, she is now the service planning manager at Color Platform.


  • Cho, Yoon A

    Yoon A Cho HR Manager

    She received her degree in Travel and Tourism Management and Arts. She worked in recruitment and human resources at foreign-base companies such as IBM and NVIDIA. She is now the HR manager at Color Platform.


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